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Diesel Concrete Mixer

Diesel Concrete Mixture

Diesel concrete mixer have all properties and features as per ISO standards and meet international specification that minimize maintenance efforts. Mixer have hi-grade components and heavy duty gear box with long lasting and efficient in flexible price. Diesel concrete mixing machines are manufactured, supplied and exported by the experts and experienced team with 100% satisfaction and positive feedback of clients. As per the name suggest mixers machines are based on diesel oil. We take care of the environment of the domestic as well as overseas area and no side effect of the diesel mixer. We follow international and ISO standards to deliver the best use. Quality, safety, efficiency and security assured diesel concrete mixing machine by Gamzen, served under the guidance of professional and engineers.

Diesel concrete mixer , dealer and service provider according to client's instructions. Diesel Machines are for those tasks that require maximum mixing capacity, high performance and productivity. Designed and manufacturer to handle heavy loads with capacity by professional experts and engineers. Diesel concrete mixers has in stock with high safety and quality, range of equipment manufactured in Mumbai, India to meet our rigorous safety and quality control measures.

Diesel Concrete Mixer Features

  • Environment friendly
  • Low cost and low maintenance
  • Reliable to tough projects
  • Hydraulic and manual controlling
  • Different models to mix as per instructions
  • Different widths available in wide range
  • Having quick and simple adjustment
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Allowing reverse rotation
  • Secure, Simple and Safe
  • Supporting staff available 24/7