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Diaphragm Wall Equipment

Diaphragm Wall Equipment

Gamzen company has well reputed among the almost all reliable diaphragm wall equipment manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in the world including India, Asia, USA, South Africa and UK etc. Using the best excellent resources from the companies with the Diaphragm wall particular products and equipments guarantees significant characteristics such as the large durability, tensile toughness as well as resistivity to be able to the negative ailments. Clients from a variety of regions of the globe are introduction for the bulk instructions for the Hydraulic Diaphragm Wall tools are due to the unmeasurable presentation to the exhibited in individual programmers.

Diaphragm wall equipment, adaptable pieces of the tools extensively used in the manufacture of practicalities and trenches since of their certain poor, cleanness and low organization of the price, particularly on that inflexible position. Rectangular and semi round chops with their relative guides are exchangeable on the real capture remains. Receiving is done by the pleasing benefit of the imprison body’s complete, which that the free by the cable along with significant power, and therefore facilities shedding substance in the chops.

Features of Diaphragm Wall Equipment

  • Specifically develop as per projects
  • Cost effective and low maintenance
  • Reliable to hard surface
  • Hydraulic and manual control
  • Different models as per requirement
  • Different widths available in wide ranges
  • Manufactured to cover larger diameter
  • Quick and simple adjustment to proper tension
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Allowing reverse rotation
  • Simple, Safe and Secure
  • Supporting staff available 24x7