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Concrete Loader Bucket

Concrete Buckets

Concrete loader bucket also known by the name of one bag mixer, it takes one bag of cement at a time in the mixing process. 10/7 BL Model Concrete Mixer has a batch capacity of 400 litres (10 cu.ft.) for unmixed aggregate and 310 litres (7 cu.ft) for mixed aggregate.

Concrete loader buckets also called as bag mixer, take 1 bag of cement at a time in the mixing procedure. Capacity of loading concrete bucket are flexible and offer up to 400 litres for unmixed aggregates and up to 310 litres for mixed aggregate. Mixing drums are suitable in normal temperature and domestic environment. Bucketing is designed and completed as per ISO standards and exported to all over the globe including America, Europe, Asia and Gulf. Components are used in the products are ISI certified and quality and efficiency assured. Loading buckets are multiple features and properties to deliver the best performance of concrete loader bucket. Gamzen is based in Mumbai, India a trusted and leading company, having experienced technical, engineers, professional and supporting staff available 24x7. We are concrete loader bucket manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, exporters, service provider and consulting and also offer construction machinery since 1971 to India and abroad. Quality and security containing local environment are cared for productivity. Availability of concrete and skid steer loader in wide range with industry properties.

‚ÄčThe company, Gamzen known as the trustworthy concrete Buckets Company in India, exporting with all solutions to domestic and internationally. Numerous countries wide together with global customers usually are setting majority orders to the real release buckets due to unequalled quality in addition to mysterious performance within respected software. The utilize of the best quality products within the creation in the concrete containers usually are connected with the best quality of which make sure the substantial longevity in addition to resistivity to damaging circumstances. Furthermore, shoppers usually are eased using the option of this concrete container in addition to pneumatic Real container to fulfil the unique demands in the customers.

Heavy-duty bucket for concrete mixer include wire rope swing for improved lifting. Using with the BB-10 for medium size concrete pouring tasks without giving up too much size. Pouring concrete on the basis of industrial scale with these bond beam concrete bucketing. Find as per requirements from number of capacities to get the project done quickly, safely and easily. Concrete bucket offered by us to meet the requirements of concrete pouring professionals.

Features of Concrete Loader Bucket

The heavy duty mixing drum is capable of mixing a batch of mixed concrete 10% in access of the nominal capacity. The aggregate feeding is by a hydraulically operated side loader bucket. The whole unit is mounted on a strong steel chassis with four Pneumatic wheels and draw bar.

Durable, reliable, less maintaining efforts and costs, user friendly, multiple size choice, easy to porting, flexible rate, consume less space and ISI tested devices

Specifications of Concrete Loader Bucket

  • Drum Volume: 400 litres
  • Mixing Capacity: 310 litres
  • Output / Hour: 6 cum (12.5 tons/hour)
  • Drum Rotation: 14 RPM
  • The Hopper is operated by Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Engine of 6 HP
  • Length: 2225 mm
  • Width: 950 mm (Including Tyres)
  • Pneumatic Wheels with pressed steel plate rim
  • Accurate dimension
  • Maintenance free
  • Smooth operation
  • Compact designing
  • Portable unit