10/7 Mixers

10/7 Mixers


10/7 Mixers manufacturers, suppliers and dealer including development machines to India and globe. Safety and quality as per international concerned with ISO standards and guidelines. Award winner technical and professional team to offer 10/7 concrete mixer machine with great efforts and support. We supply concrete mixers to industry with 99% positive feedback. Gamzen maintain with skilled professional regarding high quality analysis. We have achieved perfectionist in the operation of construction, development and commercial sectors. 10/7 concrete mixers are user friendly because it contains ISI certified components and tools.


Gamzen India recognized for latest machinery and technology. Offering perfect safety and quality machines, we gained a trusted name in the world of US, UK, Oman, KSA, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Nepal and AU. We are manufacturing, supplier, exporter and offer service of heavy machines and construction machinery with assured efficiency and security. We also ensured clients regarding services warranty and guarantee.


10/7 Mixer Features

  • Quality and safety assured
  • Low cost and require low maintenance
  • Reliable for rigid work
  • Hydraulic, machinery and manual control
  • Different models as per request
  • Available superiority and different size range
  • Manufactured to handle large diameters
  • Easy and quick adjustment
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Capable of both rotation
  • 24/7 supporting staff available


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